30 June 2017

Wine tasting and medieval music concert

6.30 pm for a maximum of 50 participants
50 € Inc.VAT / person

A unique evening in a unique location: Within the hallowed walls of the former Parliament building where the great Dukes of Burgundy once presided; step back in time for an evening of medieval music accompanied by the tasting of 6 emblematic wines from Maison Joseph Drouhin.

In partnership with the 'Menestrels de Bourgogne' the evening will consist of a programme of musical pieces dating from the 14th and 15th centuries, interspersed with the commented tasting of a selection of our wines.

The 'Menestrels de Bourgogne' were founded in 2004 and since that time have worked to rediscover and bring forth ancient manuscripts and musical partitions from this prestigious repertoire.  They have recreated copies of medieval instruments, and their concert dress corresponds to the costumes worn by court minstrels from that period.  It is only fitting that this group of musicians, who are dedicated to promoting a musical style which was at its highlight in the middle ages should be playing a concert in one of the most prestigious and important buildings of that era.


Rendez-vous at the Oenotheque Joseph Drouhin at 6.30 pm.

A short introduction to the Maison Joseph Drouhin will be followed by a welcome drink with the first of our wines accompanied by gougeres (Burgundy speciality - small cheese puffs).

Bernard Chevallier will then introduce the Menestrels de Bourgogne and give a commentary on the style of music, and the musical instruments used during the era of the Dukes of Burgundy. Some pieces that will be played, the manuscripts of which were recently discovered, have wine as their theme.  We know that the Dukes of Burgundy also gave great importance to the quality of wine making in our region.  The evening continues as music is alternated with wine tasting enabling you to discover the different wine regions of Burgundy.

There is no more fitting place than the former Burgundy Parliament building to be uniting music and wine together for this special event.  The Dukes themselves would be smiling on us!

If you wish to reserve your places for this informative, entertaining and convivial event, or if you require any further information then please contact Jacquie Morrison or Raphael Febvret by  phone on +33(0) or by clicking here:

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